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Car Seat Covers, Scooter Seat Cover, Motor Cycle Seat Cover, Motor Cycle Covers, Car Cushion Covers, Car Covers, Car Matting, Car Carpet, Fix type Loose Seat Covers, Mumbai, India

Products :

     We have a wide range of Standard as well as Tailor made quality products keeping in mind ultimate comfort, rich finish & long lasting performance in Automobile Upholstery to suit your preferences out of which some are listed below.

  • Cars :

  • Tailor Made Car Seat Covers For New Generation Cars In Various Material With Original Type Snug Fitting & Other Upholstery Work.
  • Pioneers In Motor-cycles, Scooters & Side -Car Seats and Covers
  • Stepney Wheel Covers For Individual Advertisements.
  • Fix type Loose Seat Covers
  • Washable Loose Covers
  • Fix Type Upholstery in Original Finish, Comfortable & Long Lasting
  • Roof Lining Original Type as well as with Resistant Insulation
  • Door Trims Original Type as well as with water proof Plywood
  • Floor Matting & Carpet
  • Seat Covers in Pure Leather for Ric h Finish & Rich Feel.
  • Folding Type Comfortable Extra Seats at rear side for Maruti Van, Gypsy etc. which can be folded up when not in use & when carrying luggage.
  • Motorcycles, Scooters & Side-cars.
We are leading & well-known in 2- Wheeler Upholstery for unmatched quality.

Seats for Vintage Restored Bikes, Scooter Seats, Riding Seats, Protective Loose Seat Covers

  • Seats in Original & Modified Shapes.
  • Seats for Vintage Restored Bikes with maintaining Originality.
  • Fix type seat covers with original fitting & finish.
  • Graceful loose seat covers in fabric & leather-cloth combination
  • Protective loose seat covers for routine use & monsoon use
  • Protective Handlebar & body covers for monsoon use.
  • Comfortable riding seats for scooters.
  • The 'Unique' rear Scooter seat with soft spring action.
  • Other upholstery articles like side flaps, helmet box flap, stepney covers etc. for scoters.
  • Side-car seats, Top covers, Slanted covers, Hood, Head-rest etc.
Stepney covers (orders in Bulk) for Advertisement of your company & product. The best Advertising media, to market your product.

Machines :
     We have all kinds of modern & sophisticated machines; viz. High quality imported Power driven sewing machines, cloth cutting machines, foam cutting machines, wood cutting machines, sanders. Pneumatic powered machines, tools & wrenches. Precision measuring & marking instruments etc. needed for manufacturing our products, which enables us to maintain precise accuracy & uniformity in every piece made.

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